The first 10,000 people to use our app will qualify to claim Airdrop.
Airdrop contract will distribute each user 40 CERBERUS🚀 and one claim can be made per wallet.
Stage 2 Airdrop amount 10 CERBERUS🚀 for each claim!
CERBERUS presale tokens are locked until presale end. After presale, you have to swap presale tokens to CERBERUS official farming tokens at https://gocerberus.finance/swap and trading will start on PancakeSwap.


Connect our app with MetaMask, TrustWallet, WalletConnect, etc.
Click on the gift box 🎁 at the top right section.
Click "CLAIM" button and confirm the transaction. section.
Each wallet can claim once, if you want more CERBERUS, then invite your friends!
You need some BNB in your wallet for transaction fee (about $0.30 transaction fee)
Last modified 7mo ago
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