🔥Earn like Hell - We are definitely the 1st yield farm that giving back heavenly to CERBERUS users

Cerberus has Hell farming: Hell are pools that allow CERBERUS holders to stake their CERBERUS to earn other precious tokens. Two pools (BUSD & BNB) will be created by the dev team after the launch, 50% of the presale fund and 2% deposit fee will be added to these two pools as the rewards for CERBERUS staking.

🔥Burn like hell - We are definitely the no.1 in Burn Rate on all yield farm ever existed

  • Burn Rate: 8% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
  • Automatic Liquidity Rate: 1% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.
  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 9% of every transaction

Last modified 7mo ago