⏲️Automatic Liquidity

Why 250 CEBERUS is automatically sell for BNB overtime?

As mentioned previously, there is a 9% transfer tax on each transaction, the 1% transfer tax will be added to the CERBERUS-BNB liquidity pool through the contract automatically. Every time the total of this transfer tax exceed 500 CERBERUS the contract will automatically sell 250 CERBERUS for BNB and adding liquidity to Pancakeswap CERBERUS-BNB pool.

This liquidity will be locked in the farm, raising the price floor every time a transaction be made. It is very beneficial for long term because it keep price level of CEBERUS and raises it over time.

You can see that with your own eyes on https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x8b3268a23131dafbd77165690767f285c1aac6c5

The 250 CEBERUS sell for BNB is for automatic liquidity creation
Because of that CEBERUS/BNB LP will be increased over time

Before we launch our own AMM dex, the liquidity will be added on PancakeSwap, after we launch our own AMM dex, the liquidity will be moved to our own AMM dex and locked there. In between the liquidity will be locked in the farm and used to generate project liquidity fund.